Beginning Ramble

I began in 2008 and was immediately deluged with spammer comments attempting to publish links to their worthless sites.  At first I found myself spending about an hour or less a week deleting the spam comments … by 2010 I was spending almost an hour a day to eliminate the ever increasing spam garbage.  Finally, sometime in 2010 I threw in the towel and disabled the ability to comment on the site’s postings.  Although comment-less, things floated along fairly smoothly until August 2012 when the site was hacked and ridiculously defaced not once, but three times.  I can only assume that someone (who obviously had no taste) didn’t like my cooking which drove them to hack the site!

Anyway … I am now rebuilding one recipe at a time rather than simply restoring the old site from a backup of the original.  This will give me the opportunity to provide family, friends, and other site visitors with fresh, revised content which hopefully everyone will enjoy.