New Orleans Cooking Classes

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Like the proverbial dog, we are never too old to learn new tricks … and I proved that recently in New Orleans! Last Christmas my wonderful wife gave me the best gift ever … cooking classes at a New Orleans culinary school and we finally seized the opportunity to spend several days there in early March. It turned out to be an enjoyable experience that I won’t ever forget!

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The school is located in the heart of the historic French Quarter. Our classes were taught be a very skilled, professional chef whose wit and humor really made the classes enjoyable. Thanks to her, I not only learned to prepare several fantastic dishes, but also a lot of the history of Louisiana and the region’s cuisines … I even learned the significant difference of CAJUN vs CREOLE. Rather than give you a lecture, let me just say that a simplified way to describe the two cuisines is to think of Creole cuisine as “city food” while Cajun cuisine is often referred to as “country food.”

Our demonstration class included: BBQ Shrimp & Grits, Crescent City Eggs Tasso, Bananas Foster, and Pralines …. And we sipped Mimosas while enjoying the demonstration!

(L to R) Fellow student, John Powell, our instructor, Chef Anne, her assistant, Nellie, and amateur chef, Johnny Taylor

Our “hands-on” class included: BBQ Shrimp, Turtle Soup, and Bread Pudding with Rum or Bourbon Sauce. Once we completed handling the sharp chefs knives we were able to enjoy our choice of red or white wine …. And I did enjoy several glasses of that Cabernet!

I will be featuring several of the recipes I learned here on this website and I hope you will give them a try. Even more so, I hope you will consider attending a cooking class near your home or, better still, enjoy the fun of my experience at Crescent City Cooks in New Orleans!

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