Tex Mex Chicken Vegetable Skillet

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“Don’t mess with Tex-Mex!”

I have been playing with this recipe forever. It is actually a take-off on my Cajun Shrimp, Sausage & Vegetable Stir-Fry recipe. Although the use of two skillets means more dishwashing, it is necessary to make sure that the mushrooms, chicken and the two squashes are properly cooked and done without over or under cooking the other major ingredients of the dish. Please seriously consider using the toppings I suggested because the Avocado and sour cream add tons of taste to the dish.


Step by step method

  • 1

    Cut the chicken into 1” size pieces. Mince the shallot. Chop the veggies.

  • 2

    In a 10” non-stick skillet, add 2 T oil and sauté the mushrooms. When soft, transfer to a small baking dish and set aside. In the same skillet, add 1 T oil and sauté the zucchini and yellow squash. When slightly soft and beginning to brown, remove from heat and set the skillet aside.

  • 3

    In a large high-sided skillet (I use a 5 qt.), add 2 T oil and sautee the chicken, shallot and garlic. Be sure to lightly brown each side of the chicken pieces.

  • 4

    Once the chicken is almost done, add the tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, corn, zucchini and yellow squash. Stir to combine while adding the taco seasoning.

  • 5

    Cook another 3 to 5 minutes and, with a taste test, ensure that the chicken is fully cooked through. Remove from heat and stir in the cilantro.

  • 6

    Add salt & pepper to taste. Top with shredded cheese, cover a let rest for five minutes allowing the cheese to melt.

  • 7

    Consider topping with chopped Avocado and sour cream and serve with tortilla chips.

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