What’s Happening With The Website? Updated 03/08/2022

Here’s an update to what’s been happening with the website as of 03/08/2022 ….

Technology can sure take the fun out of a project.  I started sharing recipes online in 2008 and for awhile it was loads of fun.  Almost immediately the Gremlins found me and began their mischief.  A Gremlin is a jerk who has just enough website/Internet knowledge to be dangerous.  Sometimes they are joined by authentic hackers but usually the annoyances come from the Gremlins.  They like to do stupid things just to prove what jerks they are … one or more photos might be removed or defaced … spam remarks/comments are commonplace … pornographic postings are infrequent but happen … denial of service (DDOS) attacks sometimes shut the entire site down for days … and the list goes on.  The only way to fight these Gremlins is to shut your site down or purchase technological “safeguards” to slow down or completey keep out the Gremlins.  Unfortunately, these safeguards often cause as much mischief as the Gremlins!  Almost every time I upgrade components of the technological security it shuts down some of the “whistles & bells” features that I incorporated into the design of my site.  Right now the Contact form has become disabled and at least one photo has disappeared.  Who knows what it will be next?

As of 2022, the site’s mailing list and notification feature has been removed.  The Gremlins messed it up so many times that I shut it down for fear that my subscriber’s email addresses might be compromised.  Sorry folks!

Here’s an update to what’s been happening with the website as of 07/02/2020 ….
PLEASE NOTE – If you signed up for email alerts of new recipes & posts before 6/17/2020 then you will need to sign up again in the new pop up form. The previous form was malfunctioning and has been replaced … sorry for the inconvenience. ALSO – The website is now 99% complete and should be pretty much bug free … if you notice any glitches or have suggestions, please let me know via the Contact page. CURRENTLY the individual recipes are being reviewed and, when necessary, modified; photographs are being updated and replaced when available.

Here’s an update to what’s been happening with the website as of 06/24/2020 ….
At long last, after over two months of having to deal with numerous design & operational issues with two website templates, we are finally up and running. After finally realizing that the theme sellers/designers could not or would not provide support, I turned to the experts at Avvaron Consulting. Luckily for me, Avvaron has a WordPress developer on staff and she resolved the site issues in very little time. Thank you Emily and Avvaron! Two lessons I re-learned from this frustrating experience … “You get what you pay for,” and, “service/support contracts often aren’t what they’re advertised to be.” Regardless, this is now ‘water under the bridge,’ so let’s get passed it and start enjoying the website.

Please note … there may still be room for improvement so I welcome your comments, suggestions, and constructive criticisms, but please remember, modifications typical require coding changes and sometimes you can only do so much with an existing framework.

Here’s what I orginally wrote on 06/03/2020 …..
For those of you who have followed the postings & recipes on my website for awhile, you probably know that I completely changed the theme of the site in late April and that included plans for many revisions and deletions within the recipes. Well, you know what they say about “the best laid plans….”  Thanks to being confined to home during the virus scare, I put in roughly 200+ hours during May working on the revisions necessary for the new site theme.  On May 30th I came to the sad realization that the new theme just wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do.  I purchased a nicer theme and when I installed it and gave it the command to “initiate,” it crashed the old site and the new site.  Now, with the help of a very intelligent young man from Avvaron Consulting, we are building a new website based on the last theme …. let’s call this “try number three”…. Unfortunately, although this latest theme is full of whistles & bells, it will not accept imported recipe files; this means I will have to cut & paste approximately 100 recipes from the last website over to this one.  Hopefully, it will not take me another 200 hours to accomplish this task but we are looking at a week or two (or three).  So my friends, I ask you to be patient with me and because “even this shall pass” we’ll soon all have a nice, new website to enjoy!   Thanks,  Johnny

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