What’s Happening With The Website? Updated 03/08/2022

Here’s an update to what’s been happening with the website as of 03/08/2022 …. Technology can sure take the fun out of a project.  I started sharing recipes online in 2008 and for awhile it was loads of fun.  Almost immediately the Gremlins found me and began their mischief.  A Gremlin is a jerk who

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IT’S ALL ABOUT TEMPERATURE! People are always asking me, “How long do you have to cook a Pork Butt Roast,” or ribs, or brisket, or turkey, etc., etc.  Then, they get frustrated when I tell them that cook time varies for a number of reasons and that what really counts is the meat’s internal temperature! 

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Cobbler Crazy

My wife says that I am overly crazy about cobbler recipes and she is partially correct!  I do love cobblers but I am more so totally intrigued by two unique cobbler cooking techniques.  The first, which I label the “melted butter” technique is responsible for my BANANA COBBLER and BUTTERMILK FIG COBBLER (and I will

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The first smoker I ever cooked on. Each side could hold up to 500 lbs of brisket! (Photo courtesy of Roy Ables)

Meat Smoking 101: Part 1

“If you haven’t had smoked meat, you haven’t had meat.” – Kendyl Jacox THE MOST ESSENTIAL PIECE OF EQUIPMENT IS THE SMOKER! I’ve been cooking on smokers since the early 1970’s.  My first one (actually it belonged to my employer) weighed just shy of 1 1/2 tons and was about the size of an SUV

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A New Original Recipe … Really?

What really entitles an individual to declare a recipe as “MY RECIPE”? First, does that mean that the individual was the original author or creator of the recipe? Second, does it mean that the individual altered and perhaps perfected an existing recipe and posted it as having a copyright? Third, does it mean that the

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