The first smoker I ever cooked on. Each side could hold up to 500 lbs of brisket! (Photo courtesy of Roy Ables)

Meat Smoking 101: Part 1

“If you haven’t had smoked meat, you haven’t had meat.” – Kendyl Jacox


I’ve been cooking on smokers since the early 1970’s.  My first one (actually it belonged to my employer) weighed just shy of 1 1/2 tons and was about the size of an SUV and typically took three men to properly use it.  I continued to use that Sherman tank into the 1990’s.  In the ensuing years my smokers got smaller in size and became more practical and more effective in the art of meat smoking.  I took an almost ten year hiatus from meat smoking and then got back into the game several years ago after observing my good friend, Dana Havron, having such fun and producing such great results from his Camp Chef pellet grill smoker.  I purchased my Camp Chef SmokePro SG pellet grill smoker in late 2018 and I don’t think it’s gone unused for more than a two-week period since then.

I am totally satisfied with my Camp Chef pellet grill and I very highly recommend Camp Chef if you are looking to buy a new pellet grill/smoker.  There are plenty of pellet grill/smokers on the market and I am sure that some are as good or possibly even better than the Camp Chef but, I just know that it continues to meet or surpass all of my expectations and I feel sure it could do the same for you.

Rather than wasting your time and mine with pages of evaluation, critique and commentary about the Camp Chef pellet grill smoker, I would encourage you to look at the comparison guide & review at .  Here’s how they started out their review of my SmokePro SG …

Looking for the ultimate in pellet grilling technology? The SmokePro SG has you covered. With an incredible 811 sq. in. of grilling space, dual temperature probes, digital LED display and a massive 22 pound pellet hopper the SmokePro SG is king of the castle. Even more it’s got the unique slide and grill technology and patented ash and hopper cleanouts for a superior grilling experience.

We were also extremely impressed with the price tag, especially considering what’s included. While this pellet grill is by no means cheap, you won’t have to donate a kidney to purchase one. As high-end pellet grills go, this is one of the best out there and can go toe to toe with any major brand out there.”

Before you start shopping, let me make a suggestion.  I always encourage people to shop local first and support their community’s businesses but, if you are determined or have no choice but to shop online then let me tell you that I spent several days carefully checking out sellers of my smoker/grill and I finally found three who were: (1) out-of-state, so I didn’t have pay state sales tax, (2) offered free shipping on orders over $200, and, (3) offered shipping-free money back guarantees if not satisfied … I saved enough on not having to pay state sales tax to buy several nice accessories!

Happy shopping! Happier Smoking!



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