Catfish Parmesan

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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about finding fish.”

I really enjoy finding an old recipe that turns out to be a gem. Although it drives my wife crazy, I make it a practice to pick up local, and especially OLDER local, cookbooks whenever I can, wherever I am. I’m referring to the ones that are usually about 6″ x 9″, spiral bound, and published by civic, church, and other area groups. One of my all time favorites are the books published by nursing homes filled with recipes of the residents.

I first spotted the recipe for Catfish Parmesan in church cookbook from NE Louisiana published in the early 1980s. I’ve since found it online from Southern Living (1999) and Taste Of Home (2010) among half a dozen or so other websites. With only a few subtle modifications from the sources named above, here’s how I cook Catfish Parmesan.  I have to wonder each time I read this recipe about why the author used butter instead of buttermilk or a couple of eggs …. who knows?




  • In a shallow bowl or dinner plate, mix together the first 6 ingredients. Pour the melted butter into a second shallow bowl. Dip each of the catfish fillets in butter and dredge it through the breadcrumb mixture. Place the fillets on a rack in a roasting pan (or baking pan). Bake at 375-degrees for 25 minutes or until fish flakes with a fork. Garnish, if desired, with lemon wedges and parsley.

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