Deviled Eggs Benedict

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“Eggs Benedict is genius. It’s eggs covered in eggs.” – Wylie Dufresne

I’ve had this recipe in my “to do” folder for almost two years and just today decided to give it a try while enjoying the stay-at-home restrictions of the great virus shut-in of 2020. Now that I’ve tried it, I could kick myself for not cooking it earlier because it is out-of-this-world delicious. The inspiration for this recipe came from and was authored by Julie Kotzbach in 2018. I added a few ingredients, used diced ham instead of Canadian bacon, made the chives optional, and chose to use Knorr packaged Hollandaise Sauce instead of making it from scratch.



Step by step method

  • 1

    Melt a pat of butter or bacon grease in a small skillet over medium-high heat. Add the cubed ham and cook until lightly browned. Remove from heat and set aside.

  • 2

    Cut the peeled eggs lengthwise in half and carefully remove the yolk from both halves. Put the yolks in a mixing bowl and place the whites on a serving plate. Mash the yolks with a fork into a fine crumble.

  • 3

    Add the mayo, mustard, Cajun seasoning, and cooked diced ham to the egg yolk mixture. Stir or whisk to combine until well blended.

  • 4

    Scoop the egg mixture filling into a plastic bag, squeeze the filling into a corner, and snip off the corner tip of the bag. Pipe the filling into the hollow of each egg white until just over-filled.

  • 5

    Cut the English muffin into small croutons and place one crouton atop each egg's mound of filling.

  • 6

    In a small pan, prepare the Hollandaise Sauce following the directions on the Knorr package ... or, if desired, prepare the sauce from scratch using the traditional method/recipe.

  • 7

    Lightly spoon a little of the warm sauce over each egg and then sprinkle with some chives (if desired). Serve immediately.

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